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About us.

In a world where education drives change, together we are the architects of the future.

University of Dayton Publishing

Dayton, an alliance established in 2009 between Grupo SM and the University of Dayton, merges its academic and research prestige with a clear mission: To develop high-quality products and services that transform English teaching and learning, guided by universal values, social responsibility, and global awareness.

Through innovative educational programs, personalized support, training, resources for teachers, and a digital platform, Dayton fosters the holistic growth of individuals, connecting the English language with a path to success.

About the University of Dayton

Founded in 1850, the University of Dayton is a top-tier Catholic research university. It is distinguished by its academic research and community engagement. The University of Dayton promotes hands-on learning, as doing transforms education.

dayton university

Grupo SM

The SM Group was founded in 1937, through the educational work of Marianist religious order members, in Spain. With over 80 years of existence, SM advocates for comprehensive education, which considers the individual in their multiple dimensions and is concerned with values and principles for the formation of citizens and society. It develops and offers educational content and services of the highest excellence, especially didactic resources for courses, literature, English language teaching, and many other relevant educational and technological solutions.

Fundación SM

Fundación SM favors the common good and serves society with the goal of transforming our world through education and culture. SM allocates the profits derived from its business activities to programs that, through education, seek to contribute to a more inclusive, just, peaceful, and sustainable world.



To develop the highest quality products and services that encourage and enhance the process of teaching and learning English, both for students and educators, based on universal values, social responsibility, and global awareness.



To be leaders in the transformation of English language education, offering innovative and cutting-edge solutions. We are committed to providing comprehensive and quality education, inspiring students and teachers. Through the development of language skills, global values, and social awareness, we shape successful individuals who are committed to the world we live in.



  • Educational quality
  • Innovation
  • Social responsibility
  • Global awareness

  • Dayton, your strategic ally in your educational mission, dedicated to development and the global future 💡

    We provide ongoing training and a true commitment to education.

    Our cutting-edge methodology instills values, global awareness, and social responsibility in each student.

    We provide ongoing training and a genuine commitment to education.

    At Dayton, you will find not just an English course, but a community committed to your holistic development and the global future.

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