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Angela Llanas, Libby William, Jessie-Belle Salas, Jeremy Edgar, Sarah Jane Lewis

3 – 4 hours per week


American English

Go-Getters promotes social and cultural awareness and develops students’ capabilities in and knowledge of everyday situations. It also encourages critical thinking and independent learning, increases students’ confidence, and facilitates the expression of ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

The series encourages students’ learning by combining:

  • The latest learning methodologies.
  • Communicative situations.
  • Independent learning.
  • Social-emotional values.

Step into the virtual learning environment for students and teachers to find:

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards.
  • Additional interactive activities.
  • Downloadable mixed-ability worksheets.
  • Digitalized Teacher’s Guide (English and Spanish).
  • Downloadable resources for international exam practice.
  • App for online and offline use.
Common European Framework: A1 to A2

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