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Imagine 2.0

Jin E. Zeter, Mari Carmen Vaquero, Angélica Sánchez de la Barquera, Anita Heald, Soreim Villagrán Paz

5+ hours per week


American English

Updated and improved for five-plus hours of English classes a week.

Imagine 2.0 helps learners to communicate in a variety of contexts. The series focuses on content-based activities, skills development, communicative activities, meaningful exposure to English, social awareness, and universal values.

A classroom favorite for both teachers and students, Imagine 2.0 now opens the door to 21st century education through meaningful tasks in both digital and paper formats.

See what you can achieve when you give your students a range of contexts that include:

  • Interesting stories and literature.
  • Informative content area topics.
  • Communicative activities.
  • Social awareness.

The virtual learning environment for students and teachers includes:

  • Interactive activities for extra practice.
  • External website links and international exam preparation.
  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards.
  • Interactive posters and animated stories.
Common European Framework: A0 to A2+

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